How far would you go to save your favorite show?

Overview Entertainment, INC

Presents a Science Fiction Comedy film

About a group of television-loving human-like aliens from a far-away galaxy who travel across space and team up with American hapless yokels in order to save a planet that doesn’t need saving.

As the story unfolds it’s the year 2013 on planet Earth and life is how we know it. Earth has stopped broadcasting radio signal television. The lovable people of planet Rhonda have watched Earth’s TV programming for years and when they hear nothing from their favourite humans they assume the worst has happened and set out across the galaxy to help.

The people of Rhonda after decades of watching Earth TV believe that politics was our form of humor and scripted programming was political fact.

When the TV signal stops, years of disaster movies and apocalypse shows have the Rhondans believing the end is nigh.

Gathering their only resources the planet Rhonda sends one small team and a powerful signal to the universe that help is on the way.

Landing in Middle America our brave explorers meet Truthers, UFO Support Groups and all manner of fringe belief Americans. The people from Rhonda split into two teams and journey from the Mid-West to plead with Hollywood and DC For peace.

As they pitch Capitol Hill to release more comedy films and campaign all throughout LA swaying votes for a happy universe, these peace-loving Rhondans are in for a big surprise.

When a reality TV executive short on luck and time for a project stumbles upon these people of Rhonda he doesn’t care whether they are real, he smells a giant crossover hit.

The Rhondas must flee from government G-Men from exposure on national TV, and crackpot alien watchdogs to accomplish their goal and get home.

Through a unique understanding of humans they blur the line between reality and programming, help reconnect a satellite signal giving Rhondans acccess to Earth TV again and get themselves back home, while showing us a thing or two about ourselves.

Think Galaxy Quest meets Dude, Where’s My Car , with a Coneheads influence.

Overview Entertainment plans to provide the feature-length screenplay in order to achieve the desired laugh-out-loud film of what it’s like to be human targeted towards a demographic composed primarily of pop culture fans and comedy fans 13 and up.