The sweetest story ever told

Overview Entertainment, INC

Presents an animated family comedy film

About a young orphan girl with the name Candy living with her aunt and uncle in Colombia as she teams up with big-bottomed nanny Lady Jonquiba and a cheeky Indonesian sugar glider named Sugar on a quest to save the rain forest from certain doom and reunite Sugar with his family.

As the story unfolds, we learn of Candy’s uncle Javier and his plans to build a 'crap weasel coffee' factory. Javier convinced Candy’s mother that Candy had died in a monsoon, and took the family coffee plantation. He now plans on selling that land to buy a factory and in doing so destroy the rain forest Sugar calls home.

Sugar spies on Uncle Javier and learns of the evil plan to ruin his home and encourages Candy to stow away on the plane to Indonesia, bringing Sugar of course!

In Indonesia, with the help of the rain forest animals they seek the only one who can scare the developers, the elusive Harimau the tiger.

This quest winds Sugar and Candy through the jungle in search of Sun Bear, who can make Harimau listen. With the help of an old elephant and a grumpy rhino they convince the tiger to help them redirect flooding rivers to the construction site, washing out bulldozers and reuniting Candy with her long-lost mother.

Think Lilo and Stitch meets Ferngully, with a Seven Dwarfs influence.

Overview Entertainment plans to provide the feature-length screenplay in order to achieve the desired feel good film of environmental concern and family reunion targeted towards a demographic composed primarily of families and children ages 6 and up.