Tesla Productions LLC &
Overview Entertainment, INC Presents
A Biographical Dramatic film

About inventor Nikola Tesla as he voyages to America and teams up with famous inventor Thomas Edison in order to bring electricity to the world.

As the story unfolds, Dr. Tesla learns the hard lessons of life in turn-of-the 20th Century American business. From a brash Edison who denies Tesla’s inventions and retracts their gentleman’s agreement, to pride and determination, two hard years of American life reduce the brilliant immigrant to manual labor.

Through the financing of the world’s wealthiest men these two inventors compete for exclusive contracts to power the World’s Fair and the great Niagara Falls and to assert their mark on the world.

As decades pass for Nikola Tesla, he is unconcerned with the politics of American business, passing up literally hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties for the passion of science and his many inventions.

Along the way Tesla is much-loved by New Yorkers and the women he meets in his high-society circles. And yet Tesla battles sabotage, a devastating fire destroying his life’s work, and determined billionaire industrialist JP Morgan during his personal quest to bring his genius to the world.

Resilient and prolific until his dying days, Tesla proves that smart work is the answer.

Think The Aviator meets Seabiscuit with an influence from Gangs of New York,  Chaplin and There Will Be Blood.

Tesla Productions LLC & Overview Entertainment INC plan to provide the feature-length screenplay in order to achieve the desired tragic biographical film of the 20th Century’s most powerful scientist targeted towards a demographic composed primarily of biography fans, science fans, period-piece fans and dramatic film fans ages 8 and up.