Some fight for country, for honor, for glory. One warrior fights to settle the score.

Overview Entertainment, INC Presents

A Swords and Sandals Epic film

About a young Greek fighter competing in ancient Olympic Games who teams up with a legendary trainer in order to avenge the death of his father and bring peace to his land.

As the story unfolds, a Greek town champion must leave behind his wife and son when all city-state wars stop to see their local hero compete as a wrestler in the brutal hand-to-hand Olympic sport Pankration.

During this time of peace the most deadly political moves are made. Every four years during the Olympics every politician backs a fighter.

What begins as a genuine sporting match with men competing for glory using mixed martial arts turns fatal when a dishonorable warrior uses poison-tinged gloves to win.

The young mother now widowed and impoverished struggles under her husband’s death and the trainer responsible for the poison seeks salvation in helping the young widow and her son.

Four years later she does not know his part in the plot and the widow encourages the trainer to fight back against the wishes of the politicians. His victory incurs the wrath of many.

Upon return the trainer finds his bulls put to death his training facility destroyed by fire and his crops and land scorched under the might of the politician.

The teen son of the fallen champion struggles to grow and gain the strength needed so he too may compete in the games and restore honor.

Though he is strong and willing to fight, a technicality makes him ineligible to compete as a fighter and he is turned away at the next Olympic Games.

Four more years pass in the remote fields of Greece and the three have lived together as a family scratching out a hard living from the land while training the boy for the games and his first real fight.

Though he fights a brave fight he is handed a loss being but a boy of 16 years.

His mother, while in disguise learns of the true story of her husband’s death and spurns the aging trainer for his disgrace.

Now a soldier when the call for the next games arrives the boy knows there is no choice but to compete again facing his enemy in the fight of his life for honor, for country, for family.

Before the final fight the trainer seeks redemption providing the young hero with proper battle clothes and the tools needed to win.

Our hero battles against the man who killed his father in a bloody fight to the death as one man’s glory decides the fate of the nation and the potential to end the biggest war known to man is enough to drive him to victory.

Think Gladiator meets Karate Kid, with a Rocky influence.

Overview Entertainment plans to provide the feature-length screenplay in order to achieve the desired heartwarming action film of training and fighting for good targeted towards a demographic composed of UFC and WWF fans and males age 13 and up.