All Zombies, All the time

Overview Entertainment, INC

Presents a Zomedy film

About five twenty-something roommates on holiday at a survival paint-ball camp with costumed zombies who team up with camp counsellors and corporate execs on retreat in order to save a small lakeside camp from a zombie outbreak.

As the story unfolds, a freak plane crash forces these friends out of their home and they head to camp during the rebuild. What begins as a genuine apocalypse-survival camp with humans dressed as zombies for paintball targets and rowdy late-night partying turns deadly when a secret laboratory serum is unleashed.

After a transport truck collision during a flood preventing all access to the area, an experimental ooze sends a Haitian fighting ant colony into a pilgrim graveyard and raises the living undead.

The campers must now band together to survive the weekend and wait for the flooded roads to drain and for the train to arrive to help them escape the terror of turning into zombies.

To stay alive the heroes follow rules from a Zombie Survival Bible and seek fuel from a nearby gymnastics camp to gas up the camp’s school bus and wait out the weekend at the train station.

When the bus goes mysteriously missing all hope is placed on a pair of militia members with ATV’s and an old hay wagon to guide the surviving members through the zombie-filled woods and to the morning train and freedom.

As our heroes standoff against the ultimate hybrid zombie in a train station filled with monsters one hero’s geek fantasy comes true when the Zombie Bible author responds to his tweet to save the day.

Think Shaun of the Dead meets Old School, with a Meatballs influence.

Overview Entertainment plans to provide the feature-length screenplay in order to achieve the desired gut-busting comedy film of zombie killing and campy satire targeted towards a demographic composed primarily of zombie fans and males age 13 and up.